Tirumala Temple-Other Places

  In the  ancient  period all the saints assembled together to conduct a sacrifice for the goodness of the world.There came the famous Saints Narada.He asked them whom did they want to give the sacrificial result,whether it was to brahma or  Vishnu or Maheswara .They replied  that they wanted to give it to the GOD who could control the Sathva,Rejas,Thamo Qualities.Then started the argument who was the greatest among the Trois.At last Saint Bhrugu was directed to find out who was the greatest

 Saint Bhrughu who knew about the past, present and future acquired a third eye in his inner foot through his powerful penance.The great Bhrughu First went to the world of Lord Brahma.Brahma was chit-chattering with his wife Goddess Saraswathy.He did not pay proper attention to Bhrughu.The angry Bhrugu said that through Brahma had four faces and eight eyes He could not see the guest coming.So Brahma did not deserve the sacrificial result. Since Brahma was indulged in Rejas Bhrughu  cursed him that Brahma  would never get offerings  in the temples.That is why Brahma had no temple.
 Saint Bhrugu`s mind was hurt .He started from the world of Brahma and reached Kailasa mountain , the abode of Lord Siva.There Bhrugu  saw Lord Siva and his wife Goddess  Parvathy engaged in a happy dance.Nandhi the chief disciple and many others were standing  absorbed in the dance. Siva could not receive his guest properly,Brughu became angry and said that shiva did not deserve the sacrificial result. He cursed Shiva that he never get an idol worship in the temples. Instead the system of worshiping  Siva in the form of Phallus came into existence

Bhrugu reached  Vaikunda, the residence of Lord MahaVishnu.Bhrughu saw Vishnu lying with his wife Goddess Lakshmi upon the snake Anandha. Which is his bed. Narayana saw Bhrughu coming. He pretended that he did not see him and engaged in chit chattering with Lakshmi Devi.Without thinking who he was and what he was doing Bhrughu put his foot on Narayana`s Breast.Narayana got up calmly and tell at the feet of Bhrughu for pardon. He repented that he had done wrong by not carrying Bhrughu.He asked Bhrughu when he put his foot on Narayanas breast whether his foot was hurt by the jewels worn by Narayana in his breast. To remove the pain he rubbed the feet of burughu.While doing this he destroyed the third eye in the inner foot.Having lost the third eye Bhrughu lost all his arrogance.He understood his guilt and praised Vishnu.He returned to the saints and told them that Sri Hari was the greatest among the Trios. He asked them to give the sacrificial result to Mahavishnu
 Lakshmi Devi`s abode is at Vishnu`s breast. When Bhrughu put  his foot on Vishnu`s Breast he fell at the feet of Bhrughu and begged forgiveness.He did not show any anger against Bhrughu.when Lakshmi Devi saw this she became very angry towards her husband without knowing the truth Vishnu tried to calm Lakshmi Devi.But……
 Mahavishnu tried to calm Lakshmi Devi.But it was invain. Lakshmi Devi left Vaikunta The Trios and the saints  tried to convince the truth to Lakshmi Devi .But she did not hear it. She set out for Kollapuram and began penance
Lakshmi Devi left Vaikunta and MahaVishnu became very disappointed .He came to the earth and visited Varaha Moorthy at Varaha Mountain MahaVishnu convinced his state to Varaha Moorthy .He got permission and place to stay there. Then he started penance sitting in a termitary Mahavishnu came to the earth  and started penance .During His Penance he was tormented by lack of sleep and food. Saint Narada told that to Parvathy Devi.
Because of her prayer  Brahma and Siva changed into a Cow and Calf.Parvathy Devi disguised as a cow  herdess  and sold the Cow and Calf to the King Chola Varaha Moutain  was a part of the Kingdom of Chola.The Cows of  the King Chola used to graze in this forest area. Lord Brahma and Shiva disguised as cow and calf were also grazing there along with other herds.They were oozing milk every day on the termitay.One day the grazier saw that and reported to the King Chola.
Next day King Chola hid near the termitary. The cow oozed Milk .When  the cattle shepherd strock the cow with his axe Vishnu was trying to come out of temitary. He got injured on his jaw and blood gushed from the wound.The cattle shepherd fell unconscious. The King ran to Vishnu and tell at his feet and begged for mercy. Vishnu Cursed  him to become a Devil. He said that in the next birth the King of Chola would born as king of Sky .When Vishnu marries his daughter Padmavathy  the king would get salvation.since the cattle herder was the first man to see Vishnu after coming to earth  his race would get the privilege to see him first in Vishu`s temple
Narayana got injured on his head and jaws.He was searching for some medicine to cure the wounds. He heard a woman chanting the names of Sri Krishna from a near by cloister.He went to the cloister and saw a woman names Vakula Malika. She applied some medicines in the wound and comforted Narayana.During the period of Vishnu`s incarnation of Sri Krishna.Yeshoda could not see the marriage of Krishna knowing the sorrow of Yeshoda Krishna blessed her to fulfill her ambition .So Yashoda born as Vakula Malika and conducted the marriage between Srinivasa and Padmavathy as a mother .Thus she got salvation
The king of Sky had no children .So he made a sacrifice directed by Saint Suka. When he ploughed the field  used for sacrifice he got a box .In the box he saw a female child lying in a lotus having thousand petals The King got the child from a PADMAM(LOTUS) so he named the female child as padmavathy .He brought her up very carefully.As years passed Padmavathy became a young beautiful woman  Srinivasa went for hunting from the cloister(Ashrama) of Vakula Malika .He saw an elephant chasing a young woman. At once he sent some arrows at the elephant .The elephant was frightened and ran away. Thus he rescued Padmavathy  from DangerPadmavathy fell in Love with Srinivasa .She did not know who he was Srinivasa  also fell in Love with Padmavathy .Both of them did not tell each other about this and left the forest .
Srinivasa wanted to know more about the woman ,He had see in the forest . So He disguised as `Kurathy` ( a woman telling future ) and went to the kingdom of the Chola.There Kurathy foretold about the future to the people .During that Srinivasa  understood that the woman He had seen in the forest was the daughter of the  King of the Sky.

 The King sent for the Kurathy woman to come to the palace to know the cause of the sorrow of his daughter  Srinivasa in the disguise of Kurathy Woman  went to the palace and told the King  that the reason for her sorrow was the young man she had seen in the forest.`Kurathy ` told the King that the young man was MahaVishnu .`Kurathy ` directed the King to fix the marriage between Srinivasa and Padmavathy
Srinivasa entrusted Saint Suka.who had green bird head,to inform the  Gods  about his marriageThe Gods became very happy when they had heard the news of the marriage of Srinivasa.They all arrived before Srinivasa and Promised to come and conduct the marriage . They advised Srinivasa to ask KUBERA,the God of wealth for money to meet the marriage expenses
Srinivasa got marriage invitation from the King of Sky .He became very Happy and showed it to Vakula Malika whom he respected as his mother. She asked  Srinivasa how he could meet the expenses of the marriage. He told her that He was going to borrow money from Kubera .Srinivasa throught about Kubera in his mind.
Kubera appeared before Srinivasa .He asked for gold and money for his marriage .Srinivasa  told Kubera  that he would repay the debt at the end of  KALIYUGA`(the present ).Kubera gave the necessary money to Srinivasa.Brahma and Siva stood as witness in the form of two pipal tress along the shore of the `PUSHKARANI`(POND).Later when trees were to cut down blood gushed from these trees .So the cutting of trees stopped. We can see these pipal trees near the pond in Tirumala Srinivasa started journey on his Vehicle Garuda,An Eagle ,to morry Padmavathy All Gods together with Saints and ascetics arrived to attend the marriage of Srinivasa  God consecrated flowers and saints blessed and subjects happily celebrated the marriage. Thus the marriage of Srinivasa with Padmavathy was conducted in  splendour.After the marriage Saint Agasthya gave feast to the couple . They lived in the cloister(ASHRAM) for six months as his guestsSaint Narada told Lakshmi Devi  about the marriage. She stopped her penance at Kollapuram and reached the cloister of Aghastya.There she asked Srinivasa for Justice
 In the Ramayana Maya Sita went to Agni ,Lord of Fire, instead of Sita .Maya Sita was Padmavathy.Vishnu was RAMA and LAKSHMIDEVI was Sita.Sita asked Rama to marry  Maya Sita for the Sacrifice she had done. But Rama Refused it because He wanted to be a monogamous. Rama said in the next birth He would born as Srinivasa and marry Padmavathy .Srinivasa asked Lakshmi Devi  to remember  these things .Having remembered  the past her mind changed and became very calm.
A temple was built by emperor Thondaman at Tirumala in Andhra Pradesh .In this temple Srinivasa in the name of Balaji,carries Lakshmi Devi in his breast and blesses the devotees. Padmavathy Devi Resides at Tiruchanoor  and gives blessings to the devotees.It is believed  that after closing the temple in the night Srinivasa  goes to Tiruchanoor to see Padmavathy Devi .Vakula Malika also got Salvation. Srinivasa allowed her to sit at the door of `THADAPPALLY`(Temple Kitchen) and watch the devotees  making offerings .Devotees can see the Idol of Vakula Malika at the `THADAPPALLY` door.
 ``Sarvaloka Nivasaya Srinivasaya Mangalam
Venkitachalapathee Saranam Saranam thava PadaPadmam"
The Swami Pushkarini (The Sacred Temple Water Tank)
It is very usual and highly probable to find a water tank either just beside or nearby every Hindu temple constructed during the ancient and medieval times. The waters of the tank were strictly for temple purposes only - like for the God's "bath" that is a ritual/worship, cleaning and washing the temples insides and outsides,

for use inside the temples for drinking purposes (Not in Tirumala, though), kitchens (if any) and by large, by the folk that stay and live by the temple like the priests' families and workers, for their daily uses. The water's chief and famous uses are bathing and washing by the visiting pilgrims who take a dip or swim in it and, above all, for the temple's special occasions when the divine images are taken in the temple boat, in the tank waters. The water in the Swami Pushkarini is absolutely NOT stagnant OR infected. It has a state-of-the-art recycling facility and water is treated before it gets into and recycled continuously. Swami Pushkarini was a pleasure tank of Sri Maha Vishnu in Vaikuntham, and was brought and set on Earth by Garuda, for the sport of Sri Venkateshwara. It is adjacent to the Sri Venkateshwara temple. A bath in the Swami Pushkarini is believed to clean pilgrims of their sins and bestow temporal prosperity. Pilgrims bath here before entering the main temple. A bath in the holy tank purifies one's body and soul
Sri Varahaswami Temple
 The famous temple of Sri Varahaswami in Tirumala is to the north of the Sri Venkateshwara temple, on the banks of Swami Pushkarini. The presiding deity is Varaha Swami, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu in the form of a boar that was staying on the hills when The Lord descended unto earth. HE had to take permission from Lord Varaha to stay here and grant HIM (Lord Varaha), the privilege of first view by the visiting pilgrims and first Naivedyam (sacred offering of food to Lord for consecration) in return. Thus it is imperative that pilgrims visit Sri Varaha Swami first and The Lord, only later. According to legend, Tirumala was originally the Adi Varahakshetra (place belonging to Sri Adi Varahaswami)
. Lord Sri Venkateshwara took up residence here, with the permission of Sri Varahaswami. According to Brahmapurana, Naivedyam (food offered to God) should first be offered to Sri Varahaswami. Pilgrims should visit Sri Varahaswami temple prior to Sri Venkateshwara temple. According to Atri Samhita (Samurtarchanadhikara), Varaha Avatara is worshipped in three ways as Adi Varaha, Pralaya Varaha, and Yajna Varaha. The idol of Sri Varahaswami in Tirumala is that of Adi Varaha, as it resembles the description of the Adi Varaha Murti in Vaikhanasa Agama texts
The Akashganga Waterfall
The Akashganga (Heavenly Ganges likened to The Milky Way OR heavenly river) waterfall is about 3 Kms north of the Tirumala temple. This is very famous for the prime reason is that its waters are used for The Lord's bath every day. In the olden days, the priestess took turns to carry the water all the way from this part of jungle to the temple in the wee morning hours by the rough walk path that meanders thru the jungle even to this day. After the Tirumala Tirupati Devsthanam came into existence

 water lines were laid into the temple and thus simplified! This is a beautiful place where the mountain stream gushes out in a deep but very well paved and accessible ravine. Water is procured from this place for Abhishekam. In rainy season Akashganga's gushing waters provide a beautiful sight and a bath here at that time is really refreshing.

The Papa Vinashanam (cleanser of Sins)
About 5 Kms north of the Tirumala temple is a deep bowl formed by the surrounding hills that created a reservoir ages ago and many a mountain stream emptied into it. This came to be known as the Papavinashanam (The Cleanser of sins).
 Its waters were initially used for worshipping purposes but abandoned later because of the distance from the temple. It is still used though,for special occasions. To conserve water forever increasing number of pilgrims and therefore, the temple township, a dam was constructed across but the pilgrims, thus preserving the tradition, provided a bypass for bathing. It is believed that the holy waters of this place dissolve the sins of the devotees. Hence this place is known as Papavinashanam. A dam constructed here regulates the water flow. 
                                             The Great Geological Arch (Shila Thoranam)
  During excavations in the 1980's on a mound of earth in the jungles 1 km. North of the temple where it was believed that some information lied buried about the Lord's transformation into rock, a very rare phenomenon of two different sets of rocks connected together in the form of a thin link was found. This formation is known to exist elsewhere only at the 4 fingers of Texas and somewhere in Australia.
This is pretty small in size relatively but what makes it unique and astounding is that nowhere in rock formations known to exist on the Indian soil have been found to be of this type and also, the height of The Lord confirms exactly to the distance of the pinnacle of the arch from the foot of the same! Also, two other formations excavated along with resemble the celestial conch and the discus that are the Lord's possessions. These have not been carved even remotely. They are formed naturally very mysterious indeed! This geological arch is a very rare spectacle in the world. This arch (older than the Jurassic age) is 25ft in length, l0ft in height. Pilgrims must make it a point to visit this wonder of the world during their Tirumala trip. No buses are available. A private vehicle or a 20-minute walk from Sri Varahaswamy Temple brings you here.
                                                                   Srivari Padaalu

 At the top of Narayanagiri Hill there is a spot where Lord Narayana first set foot (as per mythology). These foot prints, Srivari Padaalu still exist here, and are revered by all the pilgrims who visit Tirupati. A breathtaking bird's eye view of the temple town regales visitors.

                                                         Japali Theertham
 Lord Sree Rama, during his Aranyavasam is believed to have visited this place, which is about 5 km from Tirumala. This sacred site attracts thousands of devotees during Hanuman Jayanti, who come here to worship the famous idol of the monkey god, Lord Hanuman.

                                                           Chakra Teertham
 This is the site for a water body near Sila Thornam and is associated with an interesting legend. According to the legend, Lord Brahma wanted to observe repentance, and to cleanse this place special Lord Vishnu plunged his Sudershana Chakram, thus creating a crater. Visiting this site is considered as good as touching the Lotus Feet of the Lord, which will deliver the devotees from their travails. The waterfalls here are an amazing sight to behold, and is the location where the idol of Lord Venkateswara is brought during the Brahmotsvam celebrations